Phommy Inthichack

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This study investigated plant growth and mineral composition in three cucurbit crops of cucumber, melon and watermelon grown under four constant day and night temperatures (DIF) of 25/15, 22.5/17.5, 17.5/22.5 and 15/25 degrees C. As expected, the growth and development of the three cucurbits were strongly temperature dependent. Plant height and relative(More)
This study determined the effect of potassium (K) sources and rates on plant growth and yield for hydroponic cabbage, celery and lettuce, and also identified deficiency symptoms that would be helpful in treating deficiencies. We used seven treatments: one control treatment with 164.8 mg·L−1 K concentration in nutrient solution and six additional K(More)
A plot experiment was carried out to determine the plant growth and mineral composition of three Solanaceous fruit vegetables for the responses to diurnal temperature alternations. Eggplant, sweet pepper, and tomato were grown in four phytotrons with diurnal temperature fluctuations between day and night temperatures (DIF) set constantly 12 hours day and(More)
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