Pholaphat Charles Inboriboon

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BACKGROUND Insulin glargine is a relatively new medication in the treatment of diabetes mellitus, and there have only been six case reports of overdoses in the literature with this specific insulin. OBJECTIVES We present a unique case of insulin glargine overdose that presented with persistent hypoglycemia and required prolonged in-hospital treatment. (More)
We investigated whether racial/ethnic disparities exist in asthma management among 1785 adults requiring emergency department (ED) treatment. In this multicentre study, non-Hispanic blacks with increased chronic asthma severity were only as likely (P > 0.05) as non-Hispanic whites or Hispanics to utilize controller medications or see asthma specialists(More)
BACKGROUND Pericardiocentesis is a rare but potentially life-saving procedure. Improper technique can lead to life-threatening complications. DISCUSSION Described is a cadaveric training model developed to train providers. CONCLUSION This cadaveric model allows trainees to familiarize themselves with both proper landmark and ultrasound-based(More)
BACKGROUND Pulmonary vein thrombosis is a rare and potentially life-threatening condition. Reported cases of pulmonary vein thrombosis commonly occur as a complication of pulmonary surgery. There is a paucity of literature describing its clinical manifestations and non-operative causes. OBJECTIVE We report the unique case of pulmonary vein thrombosis(More)
The Women's Refugee Commission advocates for laws, policies and programs to improve the lives and protect the rights of refugee and internally displaced women, children and young people, including those seeking asylum—bringing about lasting, measurable change. Through research and fact-finding field missions, the Women's Refugee Commission identifies(More)
This paper reports the isolation and characterization of a soluble antigen shared by the liver and kidney of human and some other animal species. Homogenates of human liver in saline were centrifugated at 27,000 g and the supernatants were fractionated by preparative polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. The gels were divided in sections and each was injected(More)
A 20-year-old man presented to the emergency department with 2 weeks of migratory arthralgias and several macular blanching rashes. A photograph taken by the patient upon initial eruption of the rash was presented during evaluation (Fig. 1). The lesions were suspicious for erythema migrans (Fig. 2). Upon review of systems, the patient earlier reported a(More)
INTRODUCTION Residents and faculty in emergency medicine (EM) residency programs might be unaware of the professional and legal risks associated with the use of social media (SM). The objective of this study was to identify and characterize the types and reported incidence of unprofessional SM behavior by EM residents, faculty, and nurses and the(More)
Among the myriad of skills required of emergency medicine (EM) physicians, communicating concise and effective transitions in care is one of the most critical for patient safety. EM physicians transition care daily, both within their own department and among other specialties. We will discuss the crucial link between care transitions and patient safety, the(More)