Phoebus A. Levene

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All nitrogenous substances completely metabolized in the organism of mammals are removed by the urine in form of urea. Every other nitrogenous constituent of the urine is either a substance which has for one reason or another escaped its final transformation, or has not been metabolized by the organism at all. Under metabolism here, of course, is understood(More)
In a communication to the Chemical Society ~ one of us reported on the property of aminoacids to form insoluble phosphotungstates. In a later publication 2 the writers showed the degree of precipitability of aminoacids by means of phosphottmgstic acid, and stated that a separation of aminoacids may be accomplished by means of this reagent. The at tempt was(More)
The 2-desoxy-ribose nucleosides, first isolated by Levene and London’ by the hydrolysis of thymus nucleic acid, are characterized by their extreme ease of hydrolysis by very dilute mineral acids. Thus, guanine-2-desoxy-riboside is completely hydrolyzed by heating with 0.01 N hydrochloric acid during 5 minutes. Since the rate of hydrolysis is of the same(More)