Phoebe Johnson

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The TREC 2004 Genomics Track consisted of two tasks. The first task was a standard ad hoc retrieval task using topics obtained from real biomedical research scientists and documents from a large subset of the MEDLINE bibliographic database. The second task focused on categorization of full-text documents, simulating the task of curators of the Mouse Genome(More)
Proteolysis by the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway is often regulated, but the mechanisms underlying such regulation remain ill-defined. In Saccharomyces cerevisiae, cell type is controlled by the MAT transcription factors. The alpha2 repressor is a known ubiquitin pathway substrate in alpha haploid cells. We show that a1 is rapidly degraded in a haploids. In(More)
Zucker obese (fa/fa) and lean (Fa/Fa) rats were fed a soy protein diet ad libitum under barrier conditions from 4 wk of age until death. Obese rats were also pair fed with lean controls to prevent hyperphagia. Time of death was determined and tissues collected at necropsy for histologic examination. Lean rats had longer 10th percentile survivorship (males(More)
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