Phoebe J. Smith

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Stormwater retention ponds in urbanizing catchments are constructed to collect and treat runoff from impervious surfaces. Amphibians often inhabit retention ponds, which may partly offset the loss of natural wetlands resulting from urbanization. We investigated the use of retention ponds by frogs in a rapidly-urbanizing region of south-eastern Australia to(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine if Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) methodology was used appropriately in community health, we: (1) determined the proportion of non-randomized studies that should have been RCTs, and (2) assessed the quality of the RCTs. METHODS The 1992 issues of six community health journals were manually searched. Intervention studies were(More)
This article reports the results of a ten-question anonymous survey given to nurses at Westchester County Medical Center in July 1983 and January 1984 concerning attitudes about caring for AIDS patients. Two-thirds of the responding nurses reported that they had friends or family express concern about associating with hospital personnel who have contact(More)
The baby-bottle tooth decay (BBTD) risk factor literature was critically assessed for strength of evidence, and the prevention literature for the identification of which risk factors are being addressed. "Inappropriate" feeding practices (non-nutritive sucking, prolonged bottle/breast feeding, nap-time feeding) are believed to cause BBTD. The association of(More)
of composite, 6-elements, sequences. The performance of movement elements within the composite sequences was slower and less accurate compared to the performance of the identical movement elements in the trained subsequences. Integration was as effective when the two subsequences were concatenated in the order inwhich instruction and trainingwas afforded(More)
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