Phoay Lay Tan

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The insertion and management of long-term venous catheters have long been the province of anaesthetists, intensive care physicians and surgeons. Radiologists are taking an increasing role in the insertion of central venous catheters (CVCs) because of their familiarity with the imaging equipment and their ability to manipulate catheters and guide-wires. The(More)
Dengue virus infections are a major cause of morbidity and mortality in tropical and subtropical areas in the world. Attempts to develop effective vaccines have been hampered by the lack of understanding of the pathogenesis of the disease and the absence of suitable experimental models for dengue viral infection. The magnitude of T-cell responses has been(More)
We describe three zoonotic streptococcal soft tissue infections resulting from fresh seafood contact. One was a localized thumb infection with Streptococcus iniae in an immunocompetent healthy young male resulting from a puncture wound from a crab pincer. The other two were cases of ascending upper limb cellulitis associated with bacteraemia in mastectomy(More)
The clinical records of all patients with scleroderma or Raynaud's phenomenon who attended hospitals or specialist practice in Auckland during the ten year period of 1970--79 were examined. Forty-seven patients were found to satisfy the American Rheumatism Association criteria for progressive systemic sclerosis (PSS). Thirteen of these patients had CRST(More)
Difficult hand fractures with multiple butterfly fragments, multiple cortical splits or intraarticular extension continue to pose a challenge for optimal stable fixation that allows early postoperative mobilisation. In this study, we describe the use of cerclage-wire-assisted fixation of 17 difficult hand fractures in 16 patients. The cerclage wires helped(More)
Radiology has a significant role in the evaluation of surgery for rectal cancer. With recent developments in surgical techniques, the number of neorectal reservoir configurations has increased. It is important to recognize the normal and abnormal appearances, both early and late, following pelvic surgery. The aim of this pictorial review is to demonstrate(More)
We report a case of an assisted pregnancy in an asymptomatic woman who was found to have an extrauterine mass on ultrasound and MRI. This complex mass had equivocal imaging features and was found to be a ruptured ovarian ectopic pregnancy at surgery. This case illustrates that vigilance is required regarding the possibility of coexisting ectopic and(More)
We describe a patient who developed bilateral pleural effusions as a delayed complication following central venous catheter insertion. Respiratory distress should not only raise the clinical suspicion of a pneumothorax but also of erosion and perforation of the central vein. The mechanism, diagnosis, management and prevention of this complication are(More)