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Introduction. In his monograph On Numbers and Games [7], J. H. Conway introduced a real-closed field containing the reals and the ordinals as well as a great many other numbers including-co, co/2, 1/co, wS and co-7T to name only a few. Indeed, this particular real-closed field, which Conway calls No, is so remarkably inclusive that, subject to the proviso(More)
The authors have attempted to make clear that recovery is a lifelong process. In its early phases, clients are working primarily to achieve relief from guilt and pain created by their addiction. As recovery progresses, however, there is a movement from a relief mentality to a true experience of delight (Enright 1980). The goals of treatment have been(More)
While the numbers of adolescents entering drug abuse treatment are not increasing dramatically, those entering treatment are getting sicker, according to clinical reports. Adolescents are entering treatment with multiple problems, including severe learning disorders, borderline personality disorders, multiple diagnoses of addiction, mental health and(More)
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