Phillippe Berbis

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Metabolism of the essential fatty acids (AGE) in an organism leads to synthesis of eicosanoids, which have various biological properties. Linoleic acid plays an important part in maintenance of epidermal integrity by intervening in the cohesion of the stratum corneum and in prevention of transepidermal water loss. Metabolites of arachidonic acid (mostly(More)
BACKGROUND The cutaneous adverse effects of TNFalpha inhibitors and their potential implication in the onset of associated dermatoses remain poorly understood. PURPOSE To describe the different clinical dermatological situations seen in patients treated with TNFalpha inhibitors. PATIENTS AND METHODS We conducted a prospective, observational study of(More)
Fel dI is produced by salivary and sebaceous glands. Hormonal control of sebum production is clearly established. The influence of cat castration and supplementary treatment with testosterone on the production of sebum and Fel dI in cat skin have been researched in this study. On day 1, 12 male cats were anaesthetized and three skin areas carefully shaven.(More)
BACKGROUND Behçet's disease is an uncommon cause of prolonged fever. This misleading presentation is illustrated by a new case where fever occurred after polyvalent vaccination. CASE REPORT A 39-year-old female patient was seen for prolonged fever after returning from a trip to Africa. She had received polyvalent vaccinations prior to leaving France. At(More)
BACKGROUND Dermatologic practice occurs mainly in the inpatient setting. This activity is also referred to as consultation-liaison dermatology (DL). STUDY AIMS To describe and quantify this dermatologic consultation activity in a hospital setting in Marseille; to establish the relationship between presumptive dermatologic diagnosis and the final diagnosis(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish the prevalence and serum levels of IgE to commercial Der p 1, Der p 2, Der p 10 and the carbohydrate MUXF3 in house dust-mite allergic patients. To compare individual vs. allergen microarray methods. METHODS Prevalence and serum levels of IgE to Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus extract and components Der p 1, Der p 2, Der p 10 and(More)
In 1955, Cronkhite and Canada described two patients presenting abnormal skin pigmentation, alopecia, onychodystrophy and gastrointestinal polyposis. In the first French case reported here, the skin pigmentation has been the object of a special electron microscope study. M. E..., 48-year old, developed, in 1968, pigmented maculae with a metallic gloss(More)
The authors report a case of Hailey-Hailey disease or familial benign chronic pemphigus and review the literature concerning the surgical treatments used for this disabling disease. The majority of authors recommend excision followed by split skin graft, while others prefer excision followed by directed healing or simple excision-suture. The case reported(More)
The keratitis, ichthyosis, and deafness (KID) syndrome is a rare congenital disorder of the ectoderm characterized by diffuse hyperkeratotic erythroderma, keratitis with neovascularization of the cornea, and severe neurosensory hearing loss. A familial occurrence of this syndrome has been mentioned in four reports including three of vertical transmission(More)