Phillipe Rocca-Serra

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The tumour suppressor gene PTEN , which maps to 10q23.3 and encodes a 403 amino acid dual specificity phosphatase (protein tyrosine phosphatase; PTPase), was shown recently to play a broad role in human malignancy. Somatic PTEN deletions and mutations were observed in sporadic breast, brain, prostate and kidney cancer cell lines and in several primary(More)
To facilitate sharing of Omics data, many groups of scientists have been working to establish the relevant data standards. The main components of data sharing standards are experiment description standards, data exchange standards, terminology standards, and experiment execution standards. Here we provide a survey of existing and emerging standards that are(More)
Loss of heterozygosity (LOH) on the long arm of human chromosome 16 is a common genetic alteration observed in both invasive ductal and invasive lobular breast carcinomas. We have generated a high-resolution integrated map encompassing the smallest region of LOH overlap within chromosome 16q22.1 (SRO2). Southern hybridization experiments using more than 140(More)
While advances in science and technology have increased options for treating breast cancer, current social trends have changed the way people deal with this disease. Women in the United States are no longer simply passive patients, but rather they are survivors, advocates and activists who are speaking up for themselves and speaking out for issues relevant(More)
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