Phillipe Michel

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Despite optimistic forecasts by various scientists after regulatory measures were taken in the 1980s, coastal tributyltin (TBT) contamination is still a major problem. The present study concerning Corsica (Western Mediterranean) shows that contamination is not limited to harbour areas, but extends along the coast, involving protected nature reserves. The(More)
Four decades ago, Mikio Sato and John Tate predicted the shape of probability distributions to which certain “error terms” in number theory conform. Their prediction—known as the Sato-Tate Conjecture—has been verified for an important class of cases thanks to the recent work of Laurent Clozel, Michael Harris, and Richard Taylor [3], and of Michael Harris,(More)
Although discussions are underway within the Action Team 14 of the United Nations COPUOS, there is currently no concerted international plan addressing the impact threat from near-Earth objects (NEOs) and how to organize, prepare and implement mitigation measures. We report on a new international project to address impact hazard mitigation issues, being the(More)
Despite their very low surface gravities, the surfaces of asteroids and comets are covered by granular materials regolith that can range from a fine dust to a gravellike structure of varying depths. Understanding the dynamics of granular materials is, therefore, vital for the interpretation of the surface geology of these small bodies and is also critical(More)
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