Phillipe Mariage

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This paper deals with the modelling of a railway vehicle to calculate the electromagnetic field distribution inside and outside the vehicle at 2.45 GHz and 5 GHz. Our objective is to evaluate the electromagnetic (EM) pollution induced outside the vehicle due to onboard Wi-Fi networks. Experimentations have been performed on a railway vehicle both with CW(More)
After a brief description of the theoretical approach to compute the field radiated by a leaky coaxial cable, examples are given to point out the influence of the tunnel walls on the electric field variation along the cable. The time domain response is then described together with experimental results.
Development of te lecommunicat ions using mobile phones requires the instal lat ion of many base stations (BTS) in order to cover the large number of cells which make up the network. Existing systems (GSM, DSC) use carrier frequencies within the microwave range. Ideally, operators should have simulation software to determine the position of BTS. This(More)
The catamenial pneumothorax (CP) is defined as recurrent pneumothorax occurring from the day before menstruations until 72 hours after their beginning, but remains a diagnostic and therapeutic problem. We herein report the cases of two young women who presented several episodes of pneumothorax. The first patient (28 years old) underwent 18 recurrent(More)
INTRODUCTION Tracheobronchial schwannoma is a rare benign airway tumour. There is no evidence to guide treatment for this condition. CASE REPORT A 76-year-old woman with a history of ischemic cardiomyopathy was hospitalized for dyspnoea with bronchial symptoms. Incidentally, the CT scan of the chest identified a tracheal mass. The bronchoscopy revealed a(More)
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