Phillipa Marrack

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The generation of the naive T cell repertoire is a direct result of maturation and selection events in the thymus. Although maturation events are judged predominantly on the expression of surface markers, molecular markers, more intimately involved in the selection process, can be informative. We have identified a molecular marker for selection in later(More)
Thirty-five purebred dairy goats (18 Alpines and 17 Nubians) were subjected to a superovulating hormone program consisting of an 11-d 6alpha-methyl-17alpha-acetoxy-progesterone; (MAP; 60 mg) intravaginal sponge treatment; 125 ug i.m. injections of the prostaglandin F(2alpha) analogue cloprostenol on d 1 and 9 of vaginal sponge treatment; and a 3-d,(More)
Previous studies have shown that T cell clones specific for strong Mlsa,d determinants concomitantly display apparently random reactivity to allo-H-2 determinants. One explanation for this finding is that T cell recognition of Mlsa,d and allo-H-2 determinants is controlled by separate sets of receptors. If these receptors were chromosomally unlinked,(More)
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