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Power and sensitivity of alternative fit indices in tests of measurement invariance.
The results indicate that AFIs are much less sensitive to sample size and are more sensitive to a lack of invariance than chi-square-based tests of MI. Expand
Self–other rating agreement in leadership: A review.
Abstract This paper reviews the theoretical and empirical literature on self–other rating agreement (SOA) related to leadership in the workplace, focusing primarily on research published between 1997Expand
Work-nonwork boundary management profiles: A person-centered approach
Abstract The goal of this paper is to advance the measurement and theory of work–nonwork boundary management styles. Boundary management styles are defined as the approaches individuals use toExpand
Organizational recruitment website effects on viewers’ perceptions of organizational culture
When utilizing traditional recruitment media, organizations are typically limited to providing job seekers with information solely on their vacant positions. Organizational recruitment websites, onExpand
Online recruiting: The effects of organizational familiarity, website usability, and website attractiveness on viewers' impressions of organizations
Contrary to predictions made by signaling theory, recruitment websites had similar effects on the organizational impressions of all individuals, regardless of their familiarity with the organizations maintaining the recruitment websites that they viewed. Expand
Leader self‐awareness: An examination and implications of women's under‐prediction
Summary Self-awareness represents an important aspect of leadership. However, past research on leader self-awareness has focused on one component of self-awareness, self versus others' ratings,Expand
E-recruitment and the benefits of organizational web appeal
Although both the formatting attractiveness and usability of online recruitment materials influenced participants' inclinations to pursue jobs, formatting was more important than usability. Expand
Internet Recruiting: Effects of Website Content Features on Viewers' Perceptions of Organizational Culture
This study examined the effects of four ‘careers’ website content features (pictures, testimonials, organizational policies, and awards won) on viewers' perceptions of nine organizational cultureExpand
Validating the Feedback Orientation Scale in a Leadership Development Context
Feedback orientation is an individual difference variable that represents individuals’ receptivity to feedback. In 2010, Linderbaum and Levy developed and validated a measure of feedback orientationExpand
Internet Recruiting
The results provide partial support for the anticipated favorable effect of navigational ease on participants' impressions of recruitment image, however, organizing the text in bulleted rather than paragraph format did not significantly improve evaluations of the company's recruitment image. Expand