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Novel Methods for CVD of Ge4C and (Ge4C)xSiy Diamond-like Semiconductor Heterostructures: Synthetic Pathways and Structures of Trigermyl-(GeH3)3CH and Tetragermyl-(GeH3)4C Methanes
GeX2·dioxane (X = Cl, Br) complexes insert completely into CBr4 to afford the sterically crowded cluster compounds (BrCl2Ge)4C (1) and (Br3Ge)4C (2) in 80% and 95% yields, respectively. These displayExpand
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Synthesis, magnetic susceptibility and X-ray crystal structure of (tBuNCHCHNtBu)3Yb
Abstract The reaction of (C 10 H 8 )Yb(THF) 3 with t BuNCHCHN t Bu ( t Budad) in tetrahydrofuran at room temperature leads to Yb( t Budad) 3 ( 1 ), which is also obtained from the reaction of YbClExpand
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