Phillip Starke

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Cultured hepatocytes pretreated with the ferric iron chelator deferoxamine were resistant to the toxicity of H2O2 generated by either glucose oxidase or by the metabolism of menadione (2-methyl-1,4-naphthoquinone). Ferric, ferrous, or cupric ions restored the sensitivity of the cells to H2O2. Deferoxamine added to hepatocytes previously treated with this(More)
It has been proposed that alterations in intracellular calcium homeostasis mediate the genesis of lethal cell injury with an acute oxidative stress. It is shown here, however, that such changes can be dissociated by two different means from the cell death occurring with the exposure of cultured hepatocytes to hydrogen peroxide generated either in the medium(More)
The catalase activity of cultured rat hepatocytes was inhibited by 90% pretreatment with 20 mM aminotriazole without effect on the activities of glutathione peroxidase or glutathione reductase, or on the viability of the cells over the subsequent 24 h. Glutathione reductase was inhibited by 85% by pretreatment with 300 microM(More)
The lysosomotropic amines methylamine (40 mM) and chloroquine (125 mM) prevented the killing of cultured hepatocytes by hydrogen peroxide generated in the medium by glucose oxidase. Maximum protection required several hours preincubation with either amine. Sensitivity of the hepatocytes to H2O2 was restored either by the addition of ferrous or ferric iron(More)
The effect of high concentrations of oxygen on cellular proteins was examined in hepatocytes isolated from rats exposed to 100% oxygen for 0, 24, 48, or 54 h. Previous studies have demonstrated that protein oxidation mediated by mixed-function oxidase systems is accompanied by the formation of protein carbonyl derivatives that can be detected by the(More)
In urban areas the natural water balance is disturbed. Infiltration and evaporation are reduced, resulting in a high surface runoff and a typical city climate, which can lead to floods and damages. Water-permeable pavements have a high infiltration rate that reduces surface runoff by increasing the groundwater recharge. The high water retention capacity of(More)
Mechanical stress-strain hysteresis, temperature and electrical resistance measurements were performed for the detailed characterisation of the fatigue behaviour of the quenched and tempered steel SAE 4140 (42CrMo4) under constant amplitude loading and service loading. On the basis of generalised Morrow and Basquin equations the fatigue life calculation(More)
The urban water balance can be attenuated to the natural by water-permeable pavements (WPPs). Furthermore, WPPs have a 16% higher evaporation rate than impermeable pavements, which can lead to a better urban climate. Evaporation rates from pavements are influenced by the pavement surface and by the deeper layers. By a compared evaporation measurement(More)
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