Phillip Robbins

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Inheritance patterns for sex pheromone production in females, pheromone detection on male antennal olfactory receptor cells, and male pheromone behavioral responses were studied in pheromonally distinct populations of European corn borers from New York State. Gas chromatographic analyses of pheromone glands, single sensillum recordings, and flight tunnel(More)
We report the identification and partial characterization of the promoters for two chitinase genes from Streptomyces plicatus. Chitinases are a family of enzymes made by Streptomyces and other soil microbes to digest chitin, an abundant source of carbon and nitrogen in the soil. The promoter regions of two chitinases were defined by using transcriptional(More)
In this report we present data about the effect of the Rhizobium NodZ enzyme on zebrafish development. We injected zebrafish embryos with a plasmid expressing NodZ protein, and we confirmed that the enzyme is active and has chitin oligosaccharide fucosyltransferase (NodZ) activity in vitro. In addition, the embryos injected with the NodZ-expressing plasmid,(More)
Roller compaction is a dry granulation technique used in the pharmaceutical industry, in which a powder formulation is compressed into a ‘ribbon’ compact between two counter rotating rolls. The ribbon is subsequently milled into granules of a desired size range. Whilst simple in principle, successful control of a roller compaction process is often difficult(More)
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