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The importance of cholinergic systems for spatial working memory was examined by injecting scopolamine at varying times during a 5 hr-long retention interval imposed between the rat's fourth and fifth choices in an 8 arm maze. Regardless of whether or not the testing procedure required the rats to adopt a spatial solution for the task, scopolamine (1.0-5.0(More)
The diagnosis of cancer is often associated with a host of negative emotional responses, including depressed mood. Social support and quality of life were used to predict depression in a sample of older male cancer patients. Depression was found to be a common, but not universal, reaction to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Almost 40% of subjects(More)
Two studies were conducted to develop and evaluate the usefulness of self-efficacy and outcome expectation measures in predicting smoking status. Subjects were chronic smokers participating in controlled smoking treatment programs. In Study 1, Self-Efficacy and Outcome Expectancy Scales were developed and used to concurrently predict nicotine content,(More)
The waiting list is commonly used in the delivery of mental health services. Despite their prevalence, their design and management are generally not standardized; rather, they take place on an ad hoc basis as a response to undesirable circumstances. The formulation and management of a waiting list initially appear to be simple, straightforward, and benign.(More)
Grooming behaviour in rats was induced by limited water access and by water spray before and after corticomedial or basolateral amygdaloid lesions or control operations. Corticomedial lesions produced some attenuation of grooming induced by limited water access but increased grooming induced by water spray. Basolateral lesions did not consistently affect(More)
Structured mental status examinations offer several advantages over unstructured mental status examinations; however, few have been subjected to advanced psychometric analysis. Confirmatory factor analysis empirically tests the predictive validity of individual test indices within an a priori methodological framework. With such analysis, one can test(More)
Play fighting is a behavior exhibited by juveniles of many mammalian species, but the neurology of this behavior is poorly understood. In the present study lesions of the septal area or control operations were performed in rats at 23 days of age and social play was studied between the ages of 27-41 days of age. Septal lesions increased the frequency of play(More)
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