Phillip Prior

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE External beam accelerated partial breast irradiation (EB-aPBI) is noninvasive with broader potential applicability than aPBI using brachytherapy. However, it has inherent challenges in daily reproducibility. Image-guide radiotherapy (IGRT) can improve daily reproducibility, allowing smaller treatment margins. Our institution proposed(More)
Purpose: This work evaluates the use of target and organs at risk (OAR) dose-volume goals in 3D conformal radiotherapy (3DCRT) planning for node positive breast cancer (NPBC) patients undergoing regional nodal irradiation after lumpectomy/mastectomy. Methods: Dosimetric data for 262 NPBC patients receiving regional nodal and whole breast/chest wall (WB/CW)(More)
PURPOSE Obesity, as measured by the body mass index (BMI), is a risk factor for distant recurrence and decreased survival in breast cancer. We sought to determine whether the BMI correlated with local recurrence and reduced survival in a cohort of predominantly obese women treated with breast conservation therapy. METHODS AND MATERIALS From 1998 to 2010,(More)
PURPOSE To test the feasibility of a new approach to synthesize published normal tissue complication data using late rectal toxicity in prostate cancer as an example. METHODS AND MATERIALS A data survey was performed to identify the published reports on the dose-response relationships for late rectal toxicity. The risk estimates for Grade 1 or greater,(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of the study is to investigate the dose effects of electron-return-effect (ERE) at air-tissue and lung-tissue interfaces under a 1.5T transverse-magnetic-field (TMF). METHODS IMRT and VMAT plans for representative pancreas, lung, breast and head & neck (H&N) cases were generated following clinical dose volume (DV) criteria. The(More)
-Index sites of breast and cervix uteri were selected from populationbased data held at the West Midlands and Birmingham Regional Cancer Registry, and the expected numbers of second primary cancers in cervix and breast were computed (sequence analyses). In the breast series (17,756 patients) a small deficit of cervical tumours was observed (0=16, E=2-119,(More)
Statistical methods used to investigate the epidemiology of cancer in rheumatoid arthritis are reviewed and their relative merits discussed. A cohort analysis of cancer morbidity was carried out on a consecutive series of 489 patients with rheumatoid arthritis seen at the Queen Elizabeth Medical Centre, Birmingham, United Kingdom between 1964 and 1978 and(More)
PURPOSE To consolidate duodenum and small bowel toxicity data from clinical studies with different dose fractionation schedules using the modified linear quadratic (MLQ) model. A methodology of adjusting the dose-volume (D,v) parameters to different levels of normal tissue complication probability (NTCP) was presented. METHODS AND MATERIALS A set of NTCP(More)
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