Phillip Petersen

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There have been numerous reports of relationships between stressful life events and outcome dysfunction expressed in physical and/or interpersonal spheres. This study investigated the variables that help buffer mothers from the stresses that result from bearing and rearing a child with a handicap. Stressors related to the handicapped child were scaled(More)
Department of Defense (DoD) communications and data networks continue to be targets for adversaries to deny operational use of those networks. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is one such attack strategy that has proven to be an effective method of denying service to military, political, infrastructure, and economic targets. The introduction of botnets(More)
The aim of this study was to elucidate the influence of various events in childhood on suicidal behavior in adult age. For this purpose, 99 patients admitted to the Department of Psychiatry of Odense University Hospital after making a suicide attempt were followed for 5 years, to register repeated suicidal behavior. The results showed that three fourths of(More)
Definitive contraception or voluntary sterilization in men and women has become more and more common as a final and permanent contraceptive measure. This family planning method combines all advantages of contraceptives under the psychological prerequisites: independent and free decision, clear motivation regarding the renouncement of reproduction, agreement(More)
Basing on an intergative concept in which various aspects of learning and behavioral therapy, depth psychology and communication therapy overlap, the article surveys the possibilities and limitations (inherent risks) of playing "divided parts" in theatrical fashion as part of psychiatric training. A section on the basic technique describes how a play(More)
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