Phillip Nasser

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Load-induced fluid flow enhances molecular transport through bone tissue and relates to areas of bone resorption and apposition. Remodeling activity is highly coordinated and necessitates a means for cellular communication via intracellular and extracellular means. Osteocytes, osteoblasts, and osteoclasts, which reside in disparate locations within the(More)
These studies examined how genetic differences that regulate architectural and bone material properties would be expressed during fracture healing and determine whether any of these features would affect rates of healing as defined by regain of strength. Controlled fractures were generated in three inbred strains of mice: A/J, C57Bl/6J (B6), and C3H/HeJ(More)
PURPOSE Zone II flexor tendon repairs may create a bulging effect with resistance to tendon gliding. A biomechanical study was performed comparing the 4-strand cross-locked cruciate (CLC) to a 4-strand Strickland repair, both with and without an interlocking horizontal mattress (IHM) suture, in terms of strength characteristics and work of flexion. (More)
Fatigue damage occurs in response to repeated cyclic loading and has been observed in situ in cortical bone of humans and other animals. When microcracks accumulate and coalesce, failure ensues and is referred to as fatigue fracture. Experimental study of fatigue fracture healing is inherently difficult due to the lack of noninvasive models. In this study,(More)
manifestation of systemic infections in children. Curr Probl Pediatr 1991, 21: 92-113. 3. Fallon RJ. Benign meningococcemia: A rash diagnosis. Lancet 1991, 337: 610. 4. Schuller DE, Elvey SM. Acute urticaria associated with Streptococcal infection. Pediatrics 1980, 65: 592. 5. Kranitz P, Stahl NI. Urticarial vasculitis, immune complex disease and an(More)
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