Phillip M. Ngan

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This paper describes a method for calibrating a pan-tilt camera head. The key feature of the method is that the camera, the pan-tilt unit, and the relationship between the camera and the pan-tilt unit, are calibrated independently. This paper develops a geometric model of the pan-tilt camera head and presents procedures to estimate the values of the unknown(More)
The detection of motion from image sequences is usually performed using a time differential method or calculating the difference from a background reference image. These algorithms often perform poorly in the presence of temporal clutter. This paper describes a technique that measures the irregularity of an intensity sequence to detect motion. We(More)
A motion detection technique is presented which exhibits robust properties suitable for general operation in a surveillance environment. The technique is sensitive to transient perturbations present in an image sequence while being insensitive to temporal clutter. Its performance is robust to scale and ooset variations in the input sequence. The system is(More)
The performance of tracking algorithms often cannot be quantiied before they are put to use without recourse to Monte Carlo simulations. This paper describes a performance measure called the \probability of correct association" (PCA) to quantify the performance of two simple tracking methods in the presence of clutter. The PCA is derived theoretically on(More)
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