Phillip J. McKerrow

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The Draganflyer is a radio-controlled helicopter. It is powered by 4 rotors and is capable of motion in air in 6 degrees of freedom and of stable hovering. For flying it requires a high degree of skill, with the operator continually making small adjustments. In this paper, we do a theoretical analysis of the dynamics of the Draganflyer in order to develop a(More)
Control of a helicopter is complex, and includes cross coupling of forces and balancing of forces. While sophisticated and advanced controllers can achieve stable control, good mechanical design can reduce the problems and hence make tuning the control loops easier. In this paper, we argue that a coaxial-rotor design solves a number of problems that make(More)
This paper describes the design and modeling of a robot that swings on the end of a tether. Its height above the ground is controlled by the length of the tether. Its location on a spherical shell at the end of the tether is controlled by a pair of ducted fans. The vertical orientation of its body is determined by the point at which the horizontal thrust(More)