Phillip J. Harris

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The purpose of this study was to identify factors associated with atrial fibrillation and flutter after coronary artery bypass grafting. The study group consisted of a consecutive series of 5807 patients who underwent coronary artery bypass grafting alone and who were in sinus rhythm preoperatively. Atrial fibrillation and flutter were identified during(More)
Occasional reports have suggested that infants with congenital heart disease may have an increased risk of severe illness from respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection. We prospectively studied 699 infants hospitalized during the winters of 1976 through 1980, when RSV was prevalent in the community; 229 of these infants had proved RSV infections acquired(More)
The ability to image phase distributions with high spatial resolution is a key capability of microscopy systems. Consequently, the development and use of phase microscopy has been an important aspect of microscopy research and development. Most phase microscopy is based on a form of interference. Some phase imaging techniques, such as differential(More)
Atrial natriuretic factor (ANF) and nitric oxide (NO) stimulate production of guanosine 3',5'-cyclic monophosphate (cGMP) and are natriuretic. Split-drop micropuncture was performed on anesthetized rats to determine the effects of ANF and the NO donor sodium nitroprusside (SNP) on proximal tubular fluid absorption rate (Jva). Compared with control(More)
Three patients with severe tetanus had episodes of profound arterial hypotension lasting from minutes to hours. The blood pressure was recorded continuously for 13, 19, and six days respectively by an intra-arterial catheter, and other measurements included heart rate, central venous pressure, cardiac output, and blood gases.The hypotension was(More)
1. A study has been made of the effects of pinprick and a cold pack applied to the skin above and below the level of denervation, deep inspiration, squeezing the chest, and bladder percussion in non-bedridden patients with chronic, closed, complete, localized transection of the cervical spinal cord. Variables studied were blood pressure, heart rate, calf(More)
To date, the prevalence and nature of the late toxicity of cisplatin-based combination chemotherapy for advanced testicular cancer has been poorly documented. Thirty men with a median age of 35 years (range, 23 to 63), who had undergone such treatment were assessed with detailed investigation to determine the type and frequency of chronic toxicity. The(More)
To investigate the incidence of early recurrent ST elevation after intravenous thrombolytic therapy for acute myocardial infarction, 12-lead electrocardiograms were continuously monitored for 571 +/- 326 minutes in 31 patients presenting within 4 hours of symptom onset. The study group comprised 9 women and 22 men (mean age +/- standard deviation 53 +/- 12(More)
Sixteen patients with severe coronary artery disease and unstable angina, refractory to standard therapy with nitrates, beta-blockers or calcium antagonists, were given intravenous nitroglycerine (500 micrograms/ml) in an open trial. The infusion was started at 0 . 17 ml/min. The final infusion rate ranged from 0 . 17 ml/min to 2 . 04 ml/min, depending on(More)