Phillip J. Birch

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Modulation of ion channel function has been a successful area for drug development, with ion channel modulating drugs being used in the therapeutic treatment of epilepsy, hypertension, diabetes and chronic pain. Most of the ion channel-modulating drugs that are currently on the market were developed without extensive knowledge of the molecular structure of(More)
The present study attempts to determine whether the novel anti-migraine drug sumatriptan has antinociceptive activity in rodents. Sumatriptan had little or no antinociceptive activity against a range of noxious stimuli and we therefore conclude that it is unlikely that the beneficial effects of the drug in treating migraine are due to a non-specific(More)
The acute effects of hypoxia and/or hypoglycaemia on DC potentials recorded from CA1 pyramidal neurones of the gerbil hippocampal slice maintained in vitro were investigated. Depolarizing potential changes were recorded when the slice was superfused with the excitatory amino acid agonists: NMDA (N-methyl-D-aspartic acid; 3 – 30 μM), AMPA(More)
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