Phillip H Rogers

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The directed three-dimensional self-assembly of microstructures and nanostructures through the selective hybridization of DNA is the focus of great interest toward the fabrication of new materials. Single-stranded DNA is covalently attached to polystyrene latex microspheres. Single-stranded DNA can function as a sequence-selective Velcro by only bonding to(More)
Au-YSZ nanocomposite films exhibited a surface plasmon resonance absorption band around 600 nm that underwent a reversible blue shift and narrowed upon exposure to CO in air at 500 degrees C. A linear dependence of the sensing signal was observed for CO concentrations ranging between 0.1 and 1 vol % in an air carrier gas. This behavior of the SPR band, upon(More)
A Au-CeO(2) nanocomposite film has been investigated as a potential sensing element for high-temperature plasmonic sensing of H(2), CO, and NO(2) in an oxygen containing environment. The CeO(2) thin film was deposited by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE), and Au was implanted into the as-grown film at an elevated temperature followed by high temperature(More)
Monitoring of chemical species in breath offers an approach for the detection of disease and other conditions that cause homeostatic imbalance. Here, we demonstrate the use of microsensor-based devices for detecting select biomarkers in simulated exhaled breath as a step toward enabling fast and inexpensive breath-screening technology. Microhotplate(More)
Platelets have recently been shown to trigger intrinsic coagulation by two alternative pathways, protect active clotting factors from inactivation by plasma inhibitors and catalyse intrinsic coagulation reactions on the platelet surface to form fibrin. To determine whether these platelet coagulant activities (PCA) might have a role in the pathogenesis of(More)
An optical plasmonic-based sensing array has been developed and tested for the selective and sensitive detection of H(2), CO, and NO(2) at a temperature of 500 °C in an oxygen-containing background. The three-element sensing array used Au nanoparticles embedded in separate thin films of yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ), CeO(2), and TiO(2). A peak in the(More)
A randomized, double-blind controlled trial of low-dose heparin combined with sulfinpyrazone to prevent deep-vein thrombosis after operation on the hip was carried out. In a group of seventy-three patients after arthroplasty, postoperative thrombosis of the veins of the lower limbs occurred in 51 per cent of the control patients and in 36 per cent of the(More)
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