Phillip H. Phan

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This study examines how ownership concentration and corporate debt impact corporate divestitures in China. Corporate divestitures reduce the asset base of a company and the opportunity for expropriation by majority shareholders. In emerging economies, weak legal institutions, combined with equity ownership concentration and high corporate debt, allow(More)
By examining the level of ownership concentration across firms, we determine how principal–principal conflict, defined as the incongruence of ownership goals among shareholder groups in a corporation, impacts agency costs of Chinese boards of directors. Based on data from Chinese companies listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges during(More)
BACKGROUND The context of the study is the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture (HSOPSC). The purpose of the study is to analyze how different elements of patient safety culture are associated with clinical handoffs and perceptions of patient safety. METHODS The study was performed with hierarchical(More)
Although much has been written about the quantity of jobs created by entrepreneurs, scholars have yet to examine the quality of these jobs. In this article, the authors begin to address this important issue by examining nearly 5,000 businesses that began operations in 2004. They investigate the extent to which nascent employers provide what many think of as(More)
The Zobele Company, located in Trento, Northern Italy, was founded in 1919 by Enrico Zobele Sr., who became famous when he invented his first “killer product” in 1930... flypaper. After the Second World War, the bombed-out factory was rebuilt by his sons, Luigi and Fulvio. They subsequently introduced new products for home hygiene and home care such as(More)
IMPORTANCE OF THE STUDY. Currently, there is a paucity of evidence in the literature to show that handoff strategies improve the quality of handoff outcomes. Studies that show the usefulness and outcomes obtained from sign-outs may motivate junior clinicians, who have limited time to perform their clinical responsibilities, to support sign-out improvement(More)
OBJECTIVES Although JCAHO requires a standardised approach to handoffs, and while many standardised protocols have been tested, sign-out practices continue to vary. We believe this is due to the variability in workflow during inpatient duty cycle. We investigate the impact of such workflows on intern sign-out practices. DESIGN We employed a prospective,(More)