Phillip G. Armour

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PA U L ZW O LA K In my first column (Aug. 2000, p. 19), I argued that software is not a product, but rather a medium for the storage of knowledge. In fact, it is the fifth such medium that has existed since the beginning of time. The other knowledge storage media being, in historical order: DNA, brains, hardware, and books. The reason software has become(More)
M IC H A EL S C H R Ö TE R “Just look at this,” Chris said, dropping a heavy three-ring binder onto the desk. It made a resounding thud. “This is our new software development process.” “Looks kinda big,” Ethel said, thumbing through the several hundred pages. “Do we need all this?” “Now this is what I call documentation,” Chris cracked. “Do they honestly(More)
TE R R Y M IU R A There is no doubt the triumph of modern production has been the development of the manufacturing process. From Eli Whitney’s cotton gin, through Simeon North’s use of standardized rifle parts, to Frederick W. Taylor’s scientific management concepts, the concept of assembly and manufacturing achieved its ultimate expression in Henry Ford’s(More)