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— The demand for low-voltage, low drop-out (LDO) regulators is increasing because of the growing demand for LDO's are used coherently with dc-dc converters as well as standalone parts. In power supply systems, they are typically cascaded onto switching regulators to suppress noise and provide a low noise output. The need for low voltage is innate to(More)
— This paper addresses the difficulty of designing 1-V capable analog circuits in standard digital complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) technology. Design techniques for facilitating 1-V operation are discussed and 1-V ana-log building block circuits are presented. Most of these circuits use the bulk-driving technique to circumvent the metal–(More)
A low voltage, micro-power, curvature-corrected bandgap reference is presented that is capable of working down to input voltages of 1.1 V in a relatively inexpensive process, MOSIS 2 µm technology. This is a vanilla N-well CMOS process technology with an added P-base layer. Second order curvature correction for this reference is accomplished by a versatile(More)