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Scratch programming has risen in prominence, not only as a potential language for K-12 computer science, but also in introductory college courses. Unfortunately, grading Scratch programs is time-consuming, requiring manual execution of each program. Automation of this process is greatly complicated by the very reason Scratch is an attractive introductory(More)
The biologic effects of interleukin-7 (IL-7) and the expression of specific IL-7 membrane receptors on isolated neoplastic cells from previously untreated patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia as well as acute leukemias were investigated in vitro. Leukemic cells were incubated for up to 6 days with various concentrations of IL-7 (0.01 to 2,000 U/mL).(More)
BACKGROUND An ongoing study of the safety and effectiveness of polidocanol by 98 investigators in Australia infecting 16,804 limbs over 2 years. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the complications of polidocanol and compare its effectiveness and complications with sodium tetradecyl sulphate (STD) and hypertonic saline. METHODS A single-arm prospective study of(More)
Insulin binding to monocytes was examined in trained athletes (long distance runners) and in sedentary control subjects in the resting state and after 3 h of exercise at 40% of maximal aerobic power. At rest, specific binding of 125-I-insulin to monocytes was 69% higher in athletes than in sedentary controls and correlated with maximal aerobic power. The(More)
The technique of invagination stripping (IS) of the long saphenous vein (LSV) and short saphenous vein (SSV) using the PIN stripper (PS) is described. One hundred consecutive legs with long saphenous incompetence have been treated with IS of the LSV from the groin to just below the knee using the PS. In 28 of these legs associated short saphenous(More)
Many institutions have created and deployed outreach programs for middle school students with the goal of increasing the number and diversity of students who later pursue careers in computer science. While these programs have been shown to increase interest in computer science, there has been less work on showing whether participants learn computer science(More)
A popular approach to introducing students to computer science is to involve middle-school students in engaging programming activities. One challenge in such a program is attracting students who are not already positively predisposed to computing. In order to attract a diverse audience, we developed a summer program based on culturally-relevant themes that(More)
Patients with large burns suffer from anemia of critical illness. Administration of exogenous erythropoietin is ineffective, and transfusion remains the only effective treatment. We have previously shown that erythroid precursors are decreased 1 week after burn in an animal model. Therefore, we have used a two-phase liquid culture system to quantify(More)
This paper introduces C Server Pages (CSP), a highly efficient architecture for the creation and implementation of dynamic web pages. The CSP scripting language allows dynamic web contents to be expressed using a combination of C code and HTML. A novel feature of CSP is that the C portions of the CSP source file are compiled into dynamic load libraries that(More)