Phillip Chong Ho Shon

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There has been little attempt to integrate contemporary studies of suicide and mass murder to homicide-suicides. The current research attempts to do so in the context of 19th-century parricides in America. This project uses archival records from The New York Times and the Chicago Tribune, 1851-1899, resulting in a total of 231 incidents. Our results(More)
The "physical strength hypothesis" (PSH) predicts that where there is the greatest discrepancy in size and strength between offenders and victims, the former will use superior weaponry (e.g., firearms) to overcome structural imbalances against the latter. Using archival data from the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune, 1851-1899, this paper examines the(More)
Research suggests that parricides parallel other homicides in that they too >uctuate with shifts in social structure and patterns. Research also suggests that their declination is largely attributable to the decrease in homicides committed by juvenile males. Absent from the literature, however, is an examination of parricides committed by female offenders.(More)
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