Phillip Chacon

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An optimized self-organizing map algorithm has been used to obtain protein topological (proteinotopic) maps. A neural network is able to arrange a set of proteins depending on their ultraviolet circular dichroism spectra in a completely unsupervised learning process. Analysis of the proteinotopic map reveals that the network extracts the main secondary(More)
Small-angle x-ray solution scattering (SAXS) is analyzed with a new method to retrieve convergent model structures that fit the scattering profiles. An arbitrary hexagonal packing of several hundred beads containing the problem object is defined. Instead of attempting to compute the Debye formula for all of the possible mass distributions, a genetic(More)
This article presents SOMCD, an improved method for the evaluation of protein secondary structure from circular dichroism spectra, based on Kohonen's self-organizing maps (SOM). Protein circular dichroism (CD) spectra are used to train a SOM, which arranges the spectra on a two-dimensional map. Location in the map reflects the secondary structure(More)
We have reconstructed, from experimental approximately 2 nm resolution X-ray solution scattering profiles, the corresponding shapes and sizes of myoglobin, troponin C, spermadhesin PSP-I/PSP-II, chymotrypsinogen A, superoxide dismutase, ovalbumin, tubulin, nitrite reductase, catalase, the structural change of troponin C upon dissociation of the two high(More)
We have investigated the accessibility of the Taxol-binding site and the effects of Taxol binding on the structures of assembled microtubules. Taxol and docetaxel readily bind to and dissociate from microtubules, reaching 95% ligand exchange equilibrium in less than 3 min under our solution conditions (microtubules were previously assembled from(More)
The far-ultraviolet circular dichroism spectrum of the alpha beta-tubulin dimer analyzed by six different methods indicates an average content of approximately 33% alpha helix, 21% beta sheet, and 45% other secondary structure. Deconvolution of Fourier transform infrared spectra indicates 24% sheet, 37% (maximum) helix, and 38% (minimum) other structure.(More)
Human DPP IV, isolated from seminal plasma by means of immobilised adenosine deaminase, occurs in different forms which are distinguishable by net charge and native molecular weight. Charge differences arise primarily from different degrees of glycosylation containing various amounts of sialic acid. The majority of DPP IV isolated from total seminal plasma(More)
The primary goal of this newly installed beam profile measurement is to provide the facility operators and physicists with a reliable horizontal and vertical projected beam distribution and location with respect to the proton beam target and beam aperture. During a 3000-hour annual run cycle, 5 μC of charge is delivered every 50 milliseconds through this(More)
The goal of the design LANSCE-R Wire-Scanner Analog Front-end Electronics is to develop a highperformance, dual-axis wire-scanner analog front-end system implemented in a single cRIO module. This new design accommodates macropulse widths as wide as 700μs at a maximum pulse rate of 120Hz. A lossey integrator is utilized as the integration element to(More)
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