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  • P Howard
  • 2006
AIM To identify and enumerate colony forming units (cfu) of mastitis pathogens in bulk tank milk (BTM) from pasture-fed New Zealand dairy cows in the Waikato region. METHODS BTM samples from seven seasonal-calving dairy herds in the Waikato region were collected monthly from August to December 2004 (cows calved during July-September). Milk samples were(More)
This panel focuses on the critical areas of evaluation in order to promote effective computer installations. Comparatively short papers will be presented on: evaluating computer installations, evaluating programs before they are put on the computer, reevaluating programs after they are running on the computer, and what management should know about the(More)
Autoassociative neural networks (ANNs) have been proposed as a nonlinear extension of principal component analysis (PCA), which is commonly used to identify linear variation patterns in high-dimensional data. While principal component scores represent uncorrelated features, standard backpropagation methods for training ANNs provide no guarantee of producing(More)
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