Phillip Blake

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Contrast detail analysis is commonly used to assess image quality (IQ) associated with diagnostic imaging systems. Applications include routine assessment of equipment performance and optimization studies. Most frequently, the evaluation of contrast detail images involves human observers visually detecting the threshold contrast detail combinations in the(More)
Microfabrication of graphene devices used in many experimental studies currently relies on the fact that graphene crystallites can be visualized using optical microscopy if prepared on top of Si wafers with a certain thickness of SiO2. We study graphene’s visibility and show that it depends strongly on both thickness of SiO2 and light wavelength. We have(More)
A neural network which can determine both amino acid class and secondary structure using NMR data from 15N-labeled proteins is described. We have included nitrogen chemical shifts, 3JHNH alpha coupling constants, alpha-proton chemical shifts, and side-chain proton chemical shifts as input to a three-layer feed-forward network. The network was trained with(More)
Examples of the inaccessibility of mental processes by means of verbal recall are described with particular reference to the accuracy of quantitative estimates of size, distance, and duration. Evidence is presented in support of the hypothesis that nonverbal retrieval techniques are more accurate than quantitative verbal estimates. Implications for the(More)
Gold nanoparticle arrays created with electroless gold plating provide a unique means of transforming nanocylinders usually formed in electron beam lithography to spherical nanoparticles. Alone, electroless gold plating is not selective to the substrate and results in the formation of a gold film on all exposed surfaces of an electron beam patterned sample,(More)
When grown in sorbitol-asparagine-salts medium, cells of Erwinia amylovora isolate T83 released a mixture of oligosaccharides and lipopolysaccharide in place of extracellular polysaccharide. The oligosaccharide fraction was usually readily separable from lipopolysaccharide by gel permeation chromatography, but some samples required disaggregation by(More)
Peptoids are a versatile family of oligomeric synthetic molecules that can be customized for many applications. The submonomer solid-phase synthesis of peptoids allows for quick and inexpensive manufacturing and the selection of side chains is nearly limitless. In addition, peptoids that include chiral, aromatic side chains form stable helical secondary(More)
Diatom algae are single-celled, photosynthetic organisms with a cell wall called a frustule—a periodically patterned nano-structure made of silica. Throughout the last decade, diatom frustules have been studied for their potential uses as photonic crystals and biomimetic templates for artificially developed metamaterials. A MATLAB program characterizing(More)
We report capacitors in which a finite electronic compressibility of graphene dominates the electrostatics, resulting in pronounced changes in capacitance as a function of magnetic field and carrier concentration. The capacitance measurements have allowed us to accurately map the density of states D, and compare it against theoretical predictions. Landau(More)