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OBJECTIVE To determine the impact of cervical excision for cervical intraepithelial neoplasia on fertility and early pregnancy outcomes. DESIGN Systematic review and meta-analysis of cohort studies. DATA SOURCES Medline and Embase. ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA Studies assessing fertility and early pregnancy outcomes in women with a history of treatment for(More)
OBJECTIVE Family studies and twin studies demonstrate that lower urinary tract symptoms and pelvic organ prolapse are heritable. This review aimed to identify genetic polymorphisms tested for an association with lower urinary tract symptoms or prolapse, and to assess the strength, consistency, and risk of bias among reported associations. STUDY DESIGN(More)
BACKGROUND The incidence of several adverse pregnancy outcomes including fetal growth restriction are higher in pregnancies where the fetus is male, leading to suggestions that placental insufficiency is more common in these fetuses. Placental insufficiency associated with fetal growth restriction may be identified by multi-vessel Doppler assessment, but(More)
BACKGROUND Preterm birth is a global problem, with a prevalence of 8 to 12% depending on location. Several large trials and systematic reviews have shown progestogens to be effective in preventing or delaying preterm birth in selected high risk women with a singleton pregnancy (including those with a short cervix or previous preterm birth). Although an(More)
Grid computing is an exciting development which promises to be the enabling technology for many users with periodic requirements for massive computing power. There are a number of Grid computing infrastructures available which are fully featured, powerful, efficient and secure. However, for novice users, these systems are not easy to setup and use which(More)
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