Phillip Barrios

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The antihipertensive effect of a diuretic (dihidrochlorothiazide 100-200 mgr.), a betablocker (propranolol 20-180 mgr.) and the vasodilating agent minoxidil (25-70 mgr.), administered daily during 10-16 weeks, was asessed in 18 patients with refractory arterial hypertension (RAH). The arterial blood pressure (mm. of Hg.) differences obtained at the end of a(More)
OBJECTIVES To verify accurate placement of the precordial ECG leads by identifying the 4th and 5th intercostal spaces as a function of the length of the sternum. This should decrease the percentage of lead misplacement leading to misdiagnoses. METHODS The population consisted of patients and healthy volunteers. The proposed method compared palpation of(More)
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