Phillip B. Gibbons

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Scalable shared-memory multiprocessors distribute memory among the processors and use scalable interconnection networks to provide high bandwidth and low latency communication. In addition, memory accesses are cached, buffered, and pipelined to bridge the gap between the slow shared memory and the fast processors. Unless carefully controlled, such(More)
Open-access distributed systems such as peer-to-peer systems are particularly vulnerable to sybil attacks, where a malicious user creates multiple fake identities (called sybil nodes). Without a trusted central authority that can tie identities to real human beings, defending against sybil attacks is quite challenging. Among the small number of(More)
Peer-to-peer and other decentralized,distributed systems are known to be particularly vulnerable to <i>sybil attacks</i>. In a sybil attack,a malicious user obtains multiple fake identities and pretends to be multiple, distinct nodes in the system. By controlling a large fraction of the nodes in the system,the malicious user is able to "out vote" the honest(More)
Outlier detection is an integral part of data mining and has attracted much attention recently [BKNS00, JTH01, KNT00]. In this paper, we propose a new method for evaluating outlier-ness, which we call the Local Correlation Integral (LOCI). As with the best previous methods, LOCI is highly effective for detecting outliers and groups of outliers (a.k.a.(More)
Query optimizers rely on fast high quality estimates of re sult sizes in order to select between various join plans Self join sizes of relations provide bounds on the join size of any pairs of such relations It also indicates the degree of skew in the data and has been advocated for several estimation procedures Exact computation of the self join size(More)
In large data warehousing environments, it is often advantageous to provide fast, approximate answers to complex aggregate queries based on statistical summaries of the full data. In this paper, we demonstrate the difficulty of providing good approximate answers for join-queries using only statistics (in particular, samples) from the base relations. We(More)
Cache compression is a promising technique to increase on-chip cache capacity and to decrease on-chip and off-chip bandwidth usage. Unfortunately, directly applying well-known compression algorithms (usually implemented in software) leads to high hardware complexity and unacceptable decompression/compression latencies, which in turn can negatively affect(More)
In large data recording and warehousing environments, it is often advantageous to provide fast, approximate answers to queries, whenever possible. Before DBMSs providing highly-accurate approximate answers can become a reality, many new techniques for summarizing data and for estimating answers from summarized data must be developed. This paper introduces(More)
W ide-area architectures for pervasive sensing will enable a new generation of powerful distributed sensing services. Such archi-tectures have so far received little attention but are increasingly relevant because of a confluence of technological trends. Commodity off-the-shelf sensors—including video cameras (Webcams), microphones, and motion(More)
Existing energy-efficient approaches to in-network aggregation in sensor networks can be classified into two categories, tree-based and multi-path-based, with each having unique strengths and weaknesses. In this paper, we introduce Tributary-Delta, a novel approach that combines the advantages of the tree and multi-path approaches by running them(More)