Phillip A. Conklin

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The Arabidopsis sog1-1 (suppressor of gamma response) mutant was originally isolated as a second-site suppressor of the radiosensitive phenotype of seeds defective in the repair endonuclease XPF. Here, we report that SOG1 encodes a putative transcription factor. This gene is a member of the NAC domain [petunia NAM (no apical meristem) and Arabidopsis ATAF1,(More)
Whereas our knowledge about the diverse pathways aiding DNA repair upon genome damage is steadily increasing, little is known about the molecular players that adjust the plant cell cycle in response to DNA stress. By a meta-analysis of DNA stress microarray data sets, three family members of the SIAMESE/SIAMESE-RELATED (SIM/SMR) class of cyclin-dependent(More)
Plants exhibit a robust transcriptional response to gamma radiation which includes the induction of transcripts required for homologous recombination and the suppression of transcripts that promote cell cycle progression. Various DNA damaging agents induce different spectra of DNA damage as well as "collateral" damage to other cellular components and(More)
Low linear energy transfer (LET) gamma rays and high LET HZE (high atomic weight, high energy) particles act as powerful mutagens in both plants and animals. DNA damage generated by HZE particles is more densely clustered than that generated by gamma rays. To understand the genetic requirements for resistance to high versus low LET radiation, a series of(More)
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