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OBJECTIVE To determine the injury patterns, complications, and mortality after alcohol consumption in trauma patients. METHODS The Trauma Registry at an American College of Surgeons (ACS) level I center was queried for all patients with a toxicology screen admitted between 1st January 2002 and 31st December 2005. Alcohol-positive (AP) patients were(More)
We propose the use of the personalized ontology model to improve the effectiveness of web documents filtering process. One important feature of this model is that by constructing the user specific ontology, web documents can be classified by using the user oriented meta data that reflects the user's view about the documents concept. Another is that by(More)
This paper presents a robust multi-class multi-object tracking (MCMOT) formulated by a Bayesian filtering framework. Multi-object tracking for unlimited object classes is conducted by combining detection responses and changing point detection (CPD) algorithm. The CPD model is used to observe abrupt or abnormal changes due to a drift and an occlusion based(More)