Philippe du Jardin

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We evaluate the prediction accuracy of models designed using different classification methods depending on the technique used to select variables, and we study the relationship between the structure of the models and their ability to correctly predict financial failure. We show that a neural network based model using a set of variables selected with a(More)
This study attempts to show how a Kohonen map can be used to improve the temporal stability of the accuracy of a financial failure model. Most models lose a significant part of their ability to generalize when data used for estimation and prediction purposes are collected over different time periods. As their lifespan is fairly short, it becomes a real(More)
Various methods have been published in the literature to estimate endocranial capacity. These are based on mathematical equations using measurements made directly on the skull or indirectly from X-rays, by filling the skull with various materials, by endocasts both physical and virtual (using 3D CT-scan reconstructions). Each method has its advantages,(More)
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