Philippe Weitz

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The efficacy and safety of two oral dosing regimens of gatifloxacin were compared to ciprofloxacin in the treatment of complicated urinary tract infection in a randomised, double-blind multi-centre trial. One thousand one hundred and twenty-three adult patients with complicated urinary tract infection (70%) or pyelonephritis (30%) were initially enrolled,(More)
The efficacy and safety of two oral dosing regimens of gatifloxacin compared with ciprofloxacin for the treatment of acute uncomplicated lower urinary tract infection was investigated in a double-blind, randomised study, in adult female patients who received either gatifloxacin (400 mg as a single shot or 3 days of 200 mg once daily) or ciprofloxacin (250(More)
The temporal relations between the phases of the stride have been investigated in 23 subjects of both sexes and with an age from 20 to 70 years. They were requested to walk freely in five different speeds from very slow to very fast. Equations defining the relations between the different phases of the stride have been set up as well as equations of(More)
This paper presents the first system design (SensInDenT) for noncontact cardiorespiratory monitoring during dental treatment. The system is integrated into a dental treatment unit, and combines sensors based on electromagnetic, optical, and mechanical coupling at different sensor locations. The measurement principles and circuits are described and a system(More)
shows how powerful the approach can be. When two metabolic variables (not necessarily concentrations, but these are often the most revealing) both respond to a change in conditions, their combined response has a direction that can be expressed as an angle. This is better than the corresponding ratio, which suffers from severe problems of statistical(More)
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