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This paper proposes a critical analysis of the " Academic Ranking of World Universities " , published every year by the Institute of Higher Education of the Jiao Tong University in Shanghai and more commonly known as the Shanghai ranking. After having recalled how the ranking is built, we first discuss the relevance of the criteria and then analyze the(More)
We recently developed a new multicriteria classification method called PROAFTN to help medical diagnosis. The aim of this paper is to present the application of the proposed method for the diagnosis of acute leukemia (AL). The implementation of PROAFTN was carried out on cytological data of 108 cases of AL, using the classification rules of French, American(More)
BACKGROUND Varicella universal vaccination (UV) has been implemented in many countries for several years. Nevertheless, varicella UV remains debated in Europe and few data are available on the real burden of infection. We assessed the burden of varicella in Belgium through analysis of hospitalised cases during a 1-year period. METHODS Data on children(More)