Philippe Villeneuve

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The objective of this study is to examine the role of proprioception in postural balance in children with strabismus before and after realignment of their visual axes by eye surgery. Postural recordings were made with the TechnoConcept® force platform in 23 children. Several conditions were studied, whether the subjects had both eyes open, or either the(More)
Five steeplechase race horses were observed during incremental and constant-load exercises with the aim of separating effects of work rate and time on blood lactate. Each independent exercise (an incremental and three constant load tests) was a sequence of three two-minute runs, separated by two one-minute rest intervals for jugular blood sampling. The(More)
Dyslexic children show impaired in postural stability. The aim of our study was to test the influence of foot soles and visual information on the postural control of dyslexic children, compared to non-dyslexic children. Postural stability was evaluated with TechnoConcept® platform in twenty-four dyslexic children (mean age: 9.3±0.29years) and in twenty-four(More)
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