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Nowadays, personalized education is a very hot topic in technology enhanced learning (TEL) research. To support students during their learning process, the first step consists in capturing the context in which they evolve. Users typically operate in a heterogeneous environment when learning, including learning tools such as Learning Management Systems and(More)
This paper presents a solution for recommending documents to students according to their current activity that is tracked in terms of semantic annotations associated to the accessed resources. Our approach is based on an existing tracking system that captures the user current activity, which is extended to build a user profile that comprises his/her(More)
The more learner information is shared across a wide range of heterogeneous applications and tools, the more learner profiles will be relevant, reusable and useful for many systems and environments. This proposal stands on a widely used management standard, and introduces an open and generic learner profile supported by a service-oriented architecture(More)
Works presented in this paper offer teachers and learners the opportunity to express their learning objects assessments and suggestions for use directly from a learning management system, and to store these annotations within a learning object repository. Annotations are thus stored when and where they become relevant. Thanks to an open and standardized(More)
INTRODUCTION We report a survey of mesothelioma survival rates with insights into the survival benefit because of pemetrexed. We also studied a potential link between specific single nucleotide polymorphisms of transcobalamin II (TCII) gene and susceptibility to both asbestos and pemetrexed. METHODS Clinical and occupational data from 287 consecutive(More)
In previous work, we presented a tiered architecture based on e-learning standards that includes a middle layer for communication and exchange of learning objects between Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Learning Object Repositories (LOR). Here, we apply this architecture to the International E-Miage (IEM) project, an Information System Engineering(More)