Philippe Vialletelle

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In a worldwide environment, sustaining high yield with a minimum number of quality controls is key for manufacturing plants to remain competitive. In high-mix semiconductor plants, where more than 200 products are concurrently run, the complexity of designing efficient control plans comes from the larger amount of data and number of production parameters to(More)
A qualification management software that proposes recipe qualifications on tools in toolsets for semiconductor manufacturing has been developed. The qualification proposals are based on flexibility measures that have been shown to model capacity allocation in semiconductor workshops. In this paper, qualifications are used in order to see how increased(More)
Production planning in the Semiconductor Industry (SI) has emerged as the most complex process due to its process complexity, technological constraints and high-mix low-volume production characteristics. In this paper, we present two different production planning approaches, developed by STMicroelectronics and G-SCOP research laboratory, to better control(More)
In order to minimize yield losses due to excursions, when a process or a tool shifts out of specifications, an algorithm is proposed to reduce the scope of analysis and provide in real time the number of lots potentially impacted. The algorithm is based on a Permanent Index per Context (IPC). The IPC allows a very large amount of data to be managed and(More)
As modern manufacturing technology progresses, measurement tools become scarce resources since more and longer control operations are required. It thus becomes critical to decide whether a lot should be measured or not in order to get as much information as possible on production tools or processes, and to avoid ineffective measurements. To minimize risks(More)
In semiconductor high-mix fabs, several technology nodes are run on the same line, using tool types from different generations. In this context, processability is a function defining which products can be processed on a given machine considering the current status of both the product and the machine. So in a high-mix context, having an information system(More)
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