Philippe Tulkens

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We investigate how the U.S. withdrawal and the provisions of the Bonn climate policy conference on sink credits and emissions trading will change the economic and environmental impacts of the Kyoto Protocol in its original form. Based on simulations with a large-scale computable general equilibrium model, we find that U.S. withdrawal and the amendments of(More)
Tom Kram Departs A report, Is Kyoto Fatally Flawed? An Analysis with MacGEM, was presented at the ETSAP workshop in Paris, 9-11 October 2001, by Denise Van Regemorter. The report, which examines the effect on the Kyoto Protocol of the US withdrawal and the Bonn agreement, was prepared by Johan Eyckmans and Denise Van Regemorter of the Center for Economic(More)
The mechanisms that might explain the antibiotic use in ambulatory practices go widely beyond microbiology and epidemiology. Sociocultural factors (help-seeking behaviour) and structural factors (liberal fee-for system), similar in France and Belgium, explain how an inappropriate health demand and an inappropriate supply are supporting each other, to keep(More)
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