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Navigating complex routes and finding objects of interest are challenging tasks for the visually impaired. The project NAVIG (Navigation Assisted by artificial VIsion and GNSS) is directed toward increasing personal autonomy via a virtual augmented reality system. The system integrates an adapted geographic information system with different classes of(More)
This paper presents the design and comparison of a mouse-based interaction technique (hereafter IT) and two advanced IT, used in public spaces to support navigation in a 3D space. The comparison is based on a composite evaluation, including performance and satisfaction aspects. These preliminary results demonstrate that the use of mixed IT in a public space(More)
Multimodal interactive maps are a solution for providing the blind with access to geographic information. Current projects use a tactile map set down on a monotouch display with additional sound output. In our current project we investigated the usage of multitouch displays for this purpose. In this paper, we outline our requirements concerning the(More)
Multimodal interactive maps are a solution for presenting spatial information to visually impaired people. In this paper, we present an interactive multimodal map prototype that is based on a tactile paper map, a multi-touch screen and audio output. We first describe the different steps for designing an interactive map: drawing and printing the tactile(More)
In this article, we propose a soft keyboard with interaction inspired by research on visualisation information. Our goal is to find a compromise between readability and usability on a whole character layout for an Ultra mobile PC. The proposed interactions allow to display all keys on a small screen while making pointing easier for the user by expanding any(More)
RESUME La conception participative est un processus de conception des systèmes interactifs qui implique les utilisateurs dans l'ensemble du processus du développement. Ce-pendant elle présuppose que les utilisateurs disposent de toutes leurs capacités physiques, notamment visuelles. Les méthodes et outils utilisés ne sont souvent pas adap-tés pour des(More)