Philippe Tracol

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Hip instability after total hip replacement has been shown to be a critical cause of failure. The use of dual mobility has been classically restricted to patients "at risk", over 70 years of age. The question rises up about extended indications of so-called "modern" second generation dual mobility cups. This prospective multicenter study reports on first(More)
To evaluate early performance of contemporary dual mobility acetabular systems with second generation annealed highly cross-linked polyethylene for primary hip arthroplasty of patients under 55 years of age. A prospective observational five years study across five centers in Europe and the USA of 321 patients with a mean age of 48.1 years was performed.(More)
Patient safety requires speedy detection of any medical device malfunction; this is known as "materials vigilance". It entails the need to be able to trace back the life-long pathway of a device; this is "traceability". European regulations enact free circulation of medical devices throughout the European Union, with each member state being responsible for(More)
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