Philippe Tixier

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Nematicides are widely used to control plant-parasitic nematodes in intensive export banana (Musa spp.) cropping systems. Data show that the concentration of fosthiazate in banana fruits varies from zero to 0.035 g kg-1, under the maximal residue limit (MRL=0.05 mg kg-1). The fosthiazate concentration in fruit is described by a Gaussian envelope curve(More)
The analysis of animal movement within different landscapes may increase our understanding of how landscape features affect the perceptual range of animals. Perceptual range is linked to movement probability of an animal via a dispersal kernel, the latter being generally considered as spatially invariant but could be spatially affected. We hypothesize that(More)
Plant diversification using cover crops may promote natural regulation of agricultural pests by supporting alternative prey that enable the increase of arthropod predator densities. However, the changes in the specific composition of predator diet induced by cover cropping are poorly understood. Here, we hypothesized that the cover crop can significantly(More)
The data presented in this article are related to the research article entitled "Ant abundance and Cosmopolites sordidus damage in plantain fields as affected by intercropping" (A.G. Dassou, D. Carval, S. Dépigny, G.H Fansi, P. Tixier, 2015) [1]. This article describes how associated crops maize (Zea mays), cocoyam (Xanthosoma sagittifolium) and bottle(More)
Ecosystems are increasingly manipulated for agricultural and conservation goals. Ecosystem functions need to be sustained socially and ecologically. New frameworks must be built to simulate agrosystems based on ecological processes instead of external chemicals. Food web structures of agrosystems highly influence their agronomical performance and stability.(More)
The case reported is one of lymphadenopathy due to haemophagocytic sinusal histiocytosis which had progressed for more than 10 years before resulting in death at the age of 58 years. In this advanced form, all superficial and deep nodes were involved. In addition to histiocytic hyperplasia, with haemophagocytosis and lipid overload, there was plasmocytic(More)
In tropical ecosystems, ants represent a substantial portion of the animal biomass and contribute to various ecosystem services, including pest regulation and pollination. Dominant ant species are known to determine the structure of ant communities by interfering in the foraging of other ant species. Using bait and pitfall trapping experiments, we performed(More)
BACKGROUND The effect of temperature on chilling injury during fruit growth was studied in a new banana hybrid CIRAD925 in which seasonal variability in chilling susceptibility was observed when fruits were stored at 13 °C. RESULTS The relationship between the response to chilling (presence/absence) and the temperature during banana fruit growth was(More)