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Traffic flow can be considered as a hybrid system which is characterized by two major behaviours: continuous ones in motorways and discrete ones in road junctions. We propose a modelling approach based on Petri nets. For this purpose, places of Petri nets stand for the road sections and transitions describe the flow between two consecutive sections and at(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE We studied the evolution of brain water compartments during the early stage of ischemic stroke. METHODS Diffusion-weighted imaging was performed at 1.5 T in 10 volunteers and 14 patients with stroke. We used a single-shot echo-planar technique with 11 b values of 0-5000 s/mm(2). Regions of interest were selected in the white matter(More)
Simulation is often used for the evaluation of a Master Production Schedule (MPS). Also, the goal of this paper is the study of the design of a simulation model by reducing its complexity. According to theory of constraints, we want to build reduced models composed exclusively by bottleneck and, in order to do that, a neural network, particularly a(More)
As the cost of genomic sequencing continues to fall, the amount of data being collected and studied for the purpose of understanding the genetic basis of disease is increasing dramatically. Much of the source information relevant to such efforts is available only from unstructured sources such as the scientific literature, and significant resources are(More)
Optimizing the structure of neural networks remains a hard task. If too small, the architecture does not allow for proper learning from the data, whereas if the structure is too large, learning leads to the well-known overfitting problem. This paper considers this issue, and proposes a new pruning approach to determine the optimal structure. Our algorithm(More)