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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE We studied the evolution of brain water compartments during the early stage of ischemic stroke. METHODS Diffusion-weighted imaging was performed at 1.5 T in 10 volunteers and 14 patients with stroke. We used a single-shot echo-planar technique with 11 b values of 0-5000 s/mm(2). Regions of interest were selected in the white matter(More)
BACKGROUND Frontal lobe syndromes include reduced activity, particularly a diminution of spontaneous activity, lack of drive, inability to plan ahead, and induce a lack of concern. These last points constitute the executive dysfunction syndrome. That executive dysfunction could be the core defect in patients with geriatric or vascular depression, and might(More)
UNLABELLED Behavioral and psychological symptoms in dementia (BPSD) are very common, with 90% of patients experiencing at least one during the course of the disease. One-third of persons with dementia have depressive symptoms, and concomitant BPSD are very likely. OBJECTIVE This study aimed to characterize the psychological and behavioral manifestations(More)
3D time-of-flight magnetic resonance angiography (3D TOF MRA) and 2D MRA with presaturation were evaluated in 18 patients with 21 giant intracranial aneurysms. 3D TOF MRA gave optimal images of proximal unruptured and nonthrombosed aneurysms. 2D MRA with presaturation was more informative in cases of distal, haemorrhagic or thrombosed aneurysms and in(More)
BACKGROUND Alzheimer's disease and related syndromes have heavy social and human consequences for the patient and his family. Beyond the neuropsychiatric effects of specific therapies for dementia, one of today's challenges is the quality of life for both patients and their informal caregivers. OBJECTIVES This survey tends to determine parameters(More)
CONTEXT Study of the problems and requirements of the main caregiver providing home care for dementia patients that have resulted in the patient being institutionalised. OBJECTIVES To determine the reasons for placing the dementia patient in an institution. RESOURCES Self-administered questionnaire of 48 questions on the patient and caregiver, including(More)
Traffic flow can be considered as a hybrid system which is characterized by two major behaviours: continuous ones in motorways and discrete ones in road junctions. We propose a modelling approach based on Petri nets. For this purpose, places of Petri nets stand for the road sections and transitions describe the flow between two consecutive sections and at(More)
CONTEXT Prospective study of the complaints, problems and requirements of the main caregiver providing home care for dementia patients. OBJECTIVES To determine the complaints of home caregivers, how they are interrelated and what causes them. RESOURCES Self-administered questionnaire of 42 questions on the patient and caregiver, including a list of(More)